2016 hair cutsIt seems like with the New Year came to a big shift in the hair game for women. Several attractive hairstyles for women are totally being rocked this year and have been showing up everywhere.
We’ve learned that there are several awesome ways to pull a short hair look and still look classy, chic, fun, or however you want.

If you’ve been thinking of giving the short look a go, here are some styles that you could choose from:

Textured layers: this style has been the rave ever since Khloe Kardashian took the big step and cut her hair shoulder length and made it into this style. Textured, framing layers are cut around the hair and then it is curled lightly to give it a gently full but breezy look. You can blow it out, pin it up or put it in braids.

The straight cut: this is bone straight hair falling from a center part and ending sharply at collarbone length. It gives the face a contoured look and lifts the cheekbones making the face appear even more flattering. To get the perfect center part, place the tip of the tail comb on the bridge of the nose and trace it up to the hairline and into the hair.

The cropped style: this is for really short hair with some amount of volume. You can make the hair slightly wavy and then flip it to fall forward to either the left or the right, depending on what side flatters your face. You can style it while it’s still wet, then blow dry it so it keeps that style.

A simple sweepback: this is basically combing the hair backwards or tucking it behind the ear. This look enhances the face especially if you have very good bone structure. You can use hair products to keep the baby hair and front hair relaxed so it all looks put together.

Textured fringe: this is a very simple but chic look you can wear if you want to go short, but still want to play around with your hair. You can try the loose waves look and maybe sprinkle some highlights around if you want to go a step further.

Soft curls: keep your curly hair grazing your shoulder. You can style the front part of your hair any way you want. If your curls have a lot of volumes, that would be awesome. Remember to keep your curls shining by using moisturizing, repairing shampoo and conditioner.

Mix up the short and long: instead of wearing your hair one way, why not shake things up a bit? You can style it short in the front and add length around the back. This way you can add layers to make it appear fuller, and you can make it stylish.

Are you going bold? If you are considering cutting your hair, maybe you should give it a go and see how it works for you. There are several flattering haircuts for women, and it’s not such a bad idea to try something new once in a while.