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Men’s Haircuts

There are so many short, long, half-way through both, trendy styles that men can rock.  We really know how to cut men’s hair.  Even though men’s haircut trends usually come and shake things up a bit, men often go back to the usual haircuts after a while. Fellows, how about trying some different? Dudes, here are some ideas for hairstyles for men 2016 to do something new with your hair:

The ultimate buzz haircut: The close shave is a good look for basically anyone. This haircut also looks great when paired with beards and even stubble. Super short haircuts for men.

Short sides and a full top: this is just shaving the sides flat or totally, and leaving the medium length hair. You can also reduce the middle to the desired length and wear it as desired. If you have a round face, this is a good haircut for you as this style gives an illusion of a longer face.

Short sides and bangs: you can also do the short sides and flip your medium hair in a side-bang. Try adding a wavy texture to it to give it more style. If you have a large forehead, this is a good way to minimize how it appears. It works well for men’s short hairstyles for thinning hair or receding hairlines.

The Don haircut: this is a very simple but classy look. You can decide to style it when it is wet. Just use a hair product with a strong hold, rubbing it in with your hands, then use a comb to style into whatever part you deem fits your profile better. Classy older men hairstyles.

The sleek side part: part the hair at the side with enough volume combed forward. Apply your product and use a comb to hold down the hair at the part while blow-drying it.

Beckham’s style: as sleek and attractive as it looks, it is very easy to achieve. Just apply your styling product to your hair, part your hair to the side with your comb and then use fingers to comb the hair back. Make sure you avoid disturbing the part. Leave it to air dry.

Length on top: you can come to the hair salon and get a haircut with the top left slightly longer than the bottom. For a better effect, we do the hair texturized. Flatten the sides then run your fingers through the top ad tug gently to give it more volume- very popular men’s haircuts.

Men, if you want to try something new with your haircut, come into our hair salon and we can explain various hairstyles for men and show pictures of different haircuts to help you choose the right cut for you.